Gokigen Teikoku Just Increased Their Coolness Quotient

There’s a lot of general excitement in the idolsphere when it comes to The Artists Formerly Known as Ultimate Future Weapons mofu, or Gokigen Teikoku (Twitter), as they like to be called.

  • They went indie and changed their name
  • They tweet extensively in very good English and like to interact with fans in a plethora of languages
  • They clearly do whatever the hell they feel like

I’d been waiting for a good chunk of live video or, heaven forbid, an actual MV before touting them too extensively here, but then they went and forced my hand.

“nerve,” which is great and excellent and no longer just a callback to former rebellious glory, is and will probably always be something of an idol rite of passage; if you want people to like you, you do “nerve”; if you want to prove that you aren’t just another nice girl in a skirt smiling through a sprained ankle, that you are, in fact, cool, you do “nerve.”

Gekijo-ban (as they actually like to be called) had a member do it with a friend, and it involved a bunny costume. I think we’ll all be okay here.

2 thoughts on “Gokigen Teikoku Just Increased Their Coolness Quotient

  1. Gokigen Teikoku or Gekijo-ban? Which one do they like to be called? You say one at the beginning and one at the end.

    I call them Gekijo-ban Gokigen Teikoku myself, but I don’t really care how long your name is ass long as you are putting out some sweet tunes.

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