BiS Is Not Messing Around: National Tour Already Set Up

BiS was promising “SOMELiTTLETHiNGS” on Twitter last night, and there’s been a lot of stuff from the new members about recording and lessons and whatnot, so I assumed the “LiTTLETHiNGS” would be a simple PV … but this, this is a whole different level:

This article has the finer details on dates and places. Basically, if you’re going to be in Japan in December, there will be ample opportunities to see a BiS one-man in places other than Tokyo.

The Y3,000 tickets aren’t even that bad a price, but, if you happen to click through to the official site, you’ll see the Y10,000 option that … actually, I’m not sure what you get with that. A punch in the face? The members spit on you? A cheki? Anything is possible!

Oh, the advantages of being a two-month-old idol group that’s actually six years old and has thousands of built-in fans and great novelty value besides …

6 thoughts on “BiS Is Not Messing Around: National Tour Already Set Up

  1. I’m guessing the ¥10,000 ticket gets you the exclusive Pour Lui mixtape featuring unreleased material with First Summer Uika beatboxing and WACK on bongo drums.

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