We Can Build BiS by Paying off on a Stupid Joke I Made Months Ago

Once upon a time, this happened:

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Gokigen Teikoku Just Increased Their Coolness Quotient

There’s a lot of general excitement in the idolsphere when it comes to The Artists Formerly Known as Ultimate Future Weapons mofu, or Gokigen Teikoku (Twitter), as they like to be called.

  • They went indie and changed their name
  • They tweet extensively in very good English and like to interact with fans in a plethora of languages
  • They clearly do whatever the hell they feel like

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Know Your BiStory #4: nerve

We enter Know Your BiStory’s home stretch with what may as well be the alt-idol anthem: You ain’t done shit if you ain’t done “nerve.” Our man boans steps back up to the plate; if you like him, this is how you make friends.

nerve is one of BiS’ best known songs. It’s a fan favorite that was performed at every BiS concert (as an opener, a closer, an encore, sometimes many times in a row), and there’s a good chance it was the first BiS song you ever heard. With multiple studio recordings, and official videos from the very beginning and very end of the BiS timeline, the different versions of nerve each have different nuances that mark different points in their career.

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Solo Metal Idol — Kozuki Serena

Good friend Pure Idol Heart posted up something interesting:

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