Oh Cool, Up Up Girls (2) Did Something I Can Write About Now

The debut single from Up Up Girls (Kari)’s sister group/second generation/backup dancers came out yesterday, and to be honest, I was getting lazy in my Up Up Girls coverage, and after the music video for “Ninoashi DANCING” turned out to just be fairly standard idol fare, I banished it to the Weekender without giving it much thought. But here’s the most important thing to come from that:

But the music video for the second song,  “Sun!x3” just came out, and with it actually having a couple of guitars in there this time, I feel like I should at least give this one some coverage.

Pros: A very cute, upbeat pop-rock song in a similar vein to Buono!, a group that many of Up Up Girls’ followers probably miss.

Cons: Where’s the nose recorder? I feel like there needs to be someone playing the recorder with her nose in every one of these music videos by now!

Look, I’m no good at reviewing songs. My system goes “Amazing” “Okay” and “Utter Garbage” but in my personal opinion, Up Up Girls (2) have a lot of potential, but this new single feels very “safe” in comparison, and the girls themselves aren’t close to the same level as their seniors are yet.  But I wasn’t expecting them to. Up Up Girls (Kari) have been going for almost seven years now (13 if you include their time as Hello Pro Egg members), while this is (2)’s debut single after only existing for a few months. But I think give them some time to develop, figure out a style that suits them, they could be something truly great.

In other Up Up Girls news, 1: Minami and Ayano’s graduation date has been set as September 15th, less than a month from now (and also the date that I’ll be back in London for the Juice=Juice show, how cruel. I’ll probably be crying into my Japan Centre haul). But did you seriously think Leader would go away without a departing gift? Minami has her first (and possibly only?) photobook coming out:

And did you want updates on their attempt at recruiting pro-wrestlers to the group? Here’s their audition stream:

That made me want to hit the gym more than Pour Lui’s DiET OR DiE ever did, to be quite honest.

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