Stay Home, Enjoy Some Caramel Sauce, And Listen To Yoneko…

Yoneko is continuing to explore her post-idol growth as an indie-singer-songwriter, and it’s been rewarding for the rest of us to watch her evolution. Over the last several months, I’ve found her her to be consistently surprising and engaging with her rather prolific output. She’s worn quite a few hats already, at times being a quirky indie popper, and lo-fi rocker, and a one-woman bedroom pop wunderkind in the making.

And like clockwork, the one-time raven has crafted yet another new song and an MV to go with it! It’s been up for a couple of days now, so maybe you’ve seen it already, but if not, you really should…

Whew, what an emotional blast this was! It’s driving me a little crazy cause there’s something that this reminds me of from many years ago, but I just can’t place it. But that’s probably for the best because this deserves to judged on it’s own and not be compared to other works. I love Yoneko’s vocals here and the crashing drums contrasted with the time changes. The lyrics are in the YouTube description and there’s a lot of raw feeling of pain alternating with hurt there, but the inherent beauty of the song lifts it up and carries it well. It’s a rather startlingly mature piece of work, I think.

And Yoneko also edited the video herself! She’s pursuing her DIY spirit with earnest drive and abundant creative energy, and it’s fantastic to sit back and see it unfold. Even the misspelling of “sauce” in the screen title is charming and endearing. It’s a nice piece of work and I think Yoneko deserves to be proud of it.

But now look here! In addition to this dramatic bit of songwriting, Yoneko found a little time to leave us this delightful ditty to guide us through the oppressive bleakness of current events! Here’s her one-minute ode to making the most of your social responsibility to just “STAY HOME”.

So simple and yet so perfectly adorable and positive in light of our difficult recent days!  This cute little song really made my day when I watched it, and I know I’m not alone. This reminds me of the short little educational songs they used to play on Saturday mornings when I was a kid watching cartoons and eating my cereal.  It’s just so much darn fun!

Another thing I noticed is that what Yoneko uploaded it, she tagged it as children’s music, so after watching this, YouTube led me into a playlist of songs for kids, and you know….I let it keep playing! It just felt right to let my inner child mind relax and break fee of the uncertain anxiety that’s dominated the state of the world lately. Art can do many things, and in this case, Yoneko went from the dramatic pain of “Caramel Sauce” to the good-natured but responsible fun of “STAY HOME” to capture the many mixed feelings we’re all experiencing.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s keeping Yoneko on their radar cause she’s going to continue to surprise us even further. I’d really encourage everyone to support her wherever and whenever you can! Keep it up Yoneko!!