You Can Listen to the APOKALIPPPS Now!

Idol supergroup APOKALIPPPS have been active for a while now, but unfortunately a bit out of reach for us Western fans. The group is still very much an indie thing and their previous singles haven’t been terribly assessable due to their limited distribution, so supporting the group has mostly consisted of cheering the group on from afar…

Well, cheer up peeps, because the APOKALIPPPS is finally reaching worldwide!

The wonder group has self-released an EP, “APOKALIPPPS ONGEN”, and it’s also seeing a digital release via the major streaming networks, so you have no excuse to sleep on it! I eagerly decided to give a listen…

The EP opens with “Apokalililili”, which works as a pretty apt intro into the world these girls live in. It’s a fun upbeat number that’s got a a little bit of a YOU’LL MELT MORE! vibe to it.

Speaking of YLMM!, while Chiffon sadly graduated from the group, her vocal contributions to the songs she was involved with remain intact here, so it’s nice to hear her pop in and even get name dropped in the introduction segment of “HOBO HOBO PERFECT WOMAN”

The remaining three songs on the EP are new to me, but are as much a blast as the previous tracks, One great happening here, perhaps due to the multi-gig activities of the members, is a heap of variety in the songs. There’s a bit of everything in here for all tastes.

“SEKAIJYUUWO SHIAWASENISURU HOUHOU” (Say that three times fast!) is a more classic idol type of tune, packed with energy and lot of beats per minute. It’s the kind of tune that’d spark some ethusiastic call and responses from feverish wota.

And if you wanna rock a little more “Reply or Die” brings in some crunchy arena rock guitars and drums to go with a crowd-pleasing chorus. It makes me realize this is group that could easily break beyond the chika circuit to a larger audience if they want to push for it.

Closing out the EP is the my current leading choice for “Best song title of 2019”, another upbeat idol cheer-section party pleaser called “You Can Use This Song For Free As a Sports Video BGM”... And much like you probably are now, I wondered, can we really do that? Somebody get that editing magic going and let’s see what how it goes. The song would definitely work with some triumphant sports footage.

As you can see from the cover art, APOKALIPPPS have exchanged the muted steampunk look they’ve had since the beginning and now look like a sports team from a  summer popcorn coming-of-age movie. Maybe this is an indication that they’ve grown closer together as an actual team, and not just a side-project to their other careers. It’s a group of young women who very clearly love what they do, and it shows in the results here!

As mentioned before, you can indeed try this out on all the major streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. And do this fanboy a favor: If you like it, (And I feel like you will.) go plunk down some dough on iTunes or even OTOTOY and give this group an extra bit of support. If this is how the appocalypse is gonna down, then let’s count down the days because it seems pretty fun to me!