Familiar Faces in Unexpected Places for This Tuesday WTF

Good morning, fellow disciples of the cute and disturbed! It’s Papermaiden, back for a second punctual post before I finally am on top of my things and starting my own column every fortnight or so.

This week, we’re doing something a little different, graciously sponsored by The Ender Partner talent at finding really dubious stuff on the Internet.

So Partner the End drags my overworked ass in front of the TV, asking me for 25 minutes of my time to show me something he refuses to disclose anything about. Here we are, watching a guy (King Lionel) trying to become an Internet celebrity. His whole act is based on parodying either pop songs or remixing children traditional songs to make them sound like club anthems. He managed to land a deal for a show sponsored by the Ontario French Television network on the web and their cable network. In this episode, he was invited by a Japanese management company who just wanted to meet him and he uses this trip to make himself known to the general public.

But the bit that interests us starts right here:

His first appointment for his second day is meeting a girls’ band looking for a singer, says his interpreter, a Québecois model who’s lived in Japan for 10+ years. This is then followed by a talk show with a live component and a live show in a bar. The inside of the building they enter looks strangely familiar …


So this is inadvertently a bit of Making Of we’ve never seen before. Rie is pretty polite about this weird guy, but you can clearly see Rei giving a total amount of ZERO FUCKS, telling this guy in his face he looks scary and just walking away. I think it says a lot about their respective tempers. Regardless of how one’s feel about Ladybeard, his dancing skills should be recognized. Rie smiles nicely despite not getting a word of French while Rei is really done and wants to go back to her schtick with Rie.

Are TAFKALadybaby still looking for a singer and that’s why they keep the generic screams? Seems like it. King Lionel’s segment is simply followed by skepticism toward joining Ladybaby, as it would not be to King Lionel’s advantage (???).

Around 8:30 minutes in, he says he slightly boasted up the truth, as his character was created around (2012?) yet he isn’t as big a name as he said to the Japanese company. Hint: I had never heard of him before. The video has 252 views when I first saw it and got an additional 15 views in the week following my discovery of it. So that part is most likely true.

So there you go. Enjoy a tiny bit of ReiRie you’ll hopefully never see on their channel and count your blessings with me that the weirdos I share geographical space with are terrible at dancing.

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  1. I love Rei-chan. She never hides her true feelings lol. Her and Minami Nao from PassCode are a couple of the most authentic personalities in idol I have met.

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