Excitement Is a New Single from Sugartrap

This kind of thing is usually more Weekender-appropriate, but I have a soft spot a mile wide when it comes to Sugartrap, so indulge me. BOOM! New single at the end of the month.

The, uh, A-side being an instrumental, that’s new.

I really hope they get out an MV to promote this, though. Sugartrap, both awesome and talented as hell, are one of those underappreciated gems in idol that I always wish more people could connect with, and video is pretty much the #1 medium for that short of actually going to a show, and ain’t too many people packing their bags and flying to Japan and staying there for like weeks at a time and spending all of the money while simultaneously not doing paying work, not for somebody at the level of Sugartrap, at least, not yet! (They live in Japan and go to Tokyo for Christmas for that kind of thing.)

I also am kind of completely in love with that cover art, but I’ll probably never own it, so … continued admiration from afar it is!