Here’s a Reminder That Sugartrap Is Good as Hell

Good morning, you guys! I have a feeling that Toronto’s still feeling the effects of Next Music from Tokyo, which moves on to Montreal tomorrow. I’ve heard nothing but great things, so I’m glad for everybody involved.

Me, being stuck at home, I figured that unspooling some relatively new content was a good idea. Let’s visit more with idols that we don’t hear from often enough!

Take, for example, Sugartrap! Who are good and cool and inexplicably not a ton more popular than they are! They can bring the heat as well as most, with the added bonus of being pretty good performers, too. So how about:

Hey, that’s a ballad! What gives? Sugartrap?!

Yeah, “by your side” (sic) isn’t exactly Sugartrap at their fiercest, but listen to those pipes. These are idols who can sing, man. That’s a nice thing to have.

Happy Sunday.