A Friday Fun from the Iconic to the Poorly Drawn

I’m writing this as the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion is downloading, because chances are you’re not going to be hearing from me for a while once I boot that fiesta up. Thankfully, there’s been no sudden disbandment announcements to ruin Splatoon launch day this time! Just your theories as to how the WACK battle of the year is going to go down.

[Is twitter working yet?] No, Twitter has banned embedded search widgets like a bunch of jerks

Oh look, another Friday Fun based on a dream. My Fun queue has run out, okay?

Well, we finally got the previews for the Babymetal graphic novel. Looks decent:

Surprisingly, Babymetal aren’t the first idol unit to get their own official graphic novels/comics/manga/whatever you call that genre. Actually, I don’t know who exactly is the first, but you know I can refuse any opportunity to drop Hello! Project in here:

Is anyone really shocked that old-school Morning Musume got a manga? From what I hear though, it’s not that good.

But, you can make better idol manga, right? You can’t draw? Alright, never mind. But you can at least come up with ideas, right? Would your idol’s manga be a 4koma gag series, or would it be a gripping page-turner full of plot twists and shocking reveals? Would Melon Batake A Go Go be part of the Marvel canon? Its all up to you.

Oh, and don’t you dare think of bringing up any of those “adult” doujinshi, shame on you! And shame on me for bringing it up too!

Suggest idol publishing plots with #IdolComicAdaptations and, do you think I should revive #IdolDreams for a second round next week? I’ve been having a lot of them lately.

One thought on “A Friday Fun from the Iconic to the Poorly Drawn

  1. i was about to bring up Shining Musume, but then i read your warning..
    well technicly i still did it.

    though its cool BiS got their Final Dance artwork done by that same artist. pretty sure they did that to throw some extra dirt before calling it quits

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