Check out This pre-Guso Drop Song, Damn

It does strike one as being a good idea to always be writing new music, even if it’s just loose stuff jotted down in a notebook or spun together in Guitar Pro or something; keep the creative juices flowing, have stuff worked up a little for when you’re ready to really get down to work on new material, have things for your songwriter/manager to flip onto Soundcloud to give people an idea of what’s ahead, you know.

Oh, yeah, that’s totally what Guso Drop did (again):

This song is filthy

I always get a kick out of the times when Daichi decides to record an early version of a song himself; it gives you a feel for how the production process works, and also lets you superimpose the members’ voices over the vocal track to imagine just how violent the pit’s probably going to be when Boss-chan steps in to growl.

Basically, if you aren’t following Guso Drop on Soundcloud, I can’t help you.

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