Come Get This New One from THE BANANA MONKEYS

Hey you guys! While I am not the Official Banana Monkeys Correspondent, I am the Official Editor in Chief When I Feel Like It, and in such a capacity it is sometimes necessary to fill in for the official correspondents. So it was yesterday when Kerrie exclaimed “something something Banamon something something” and then found other, more useful things to do with her time. I felt tht there was plenty to all that something something to warrant a Something, and so here we are.

So: Hey, check out this new song that Banamon did!

Good tune. Fun tune! Written by Yuki, no less. In fact, here are helpfully provided lyrics:

Also, you can download the thing straightaway, for a limited time, and have it forever!

As mentioned, Banamon has a whole mess of things going on, including a couple of one-mans on the horizon:

And … this is so stupid, but of course they’re doing it: A 24-hour live. Never in the course of idol has such an event gone the least bit awry!

What a fascinating group.