Your Homicidols Weekender #149

Good morning! This is low-key one of my least favorite stretches on the idol calendar, gang. I cannot pretend that it isn’t. The summer festival season is done, Idol Halloween is a month away, there aren’t a ton of releases relative to like four other periods, and while this is usually an okay secondary debut time, there just haven’t been nearly as many interesting debuts this year.

And yet this Weekender is lit! Maybe it’s because I had a little bit more time than usual this week, or maybe there was just that much more stuff going on in a less immediately urgent way. I don’t know. But this thing is absolutely jam-packed, and I encourage you to make it a key part of your personal weekend ritual. Enjoy this stuff, man. Life is too short.

Then play the Fun, tip the waitstaff and get out into the world. I called last weekend the effective last one of the summer, but we’re getting a little wave of heat these next couple of days and the solstice isn’t until Monday, so I’m going to get in some last-minute licks myself. And, uh, probably fix my car and stuff.


Fucking hell, uijin is calling it quits:

Three-plus years though is pretty good

Codomomental is looking to do some big-ass roster moves:

PassCode dropped this digest version of the upcoming single:

Just a reminder that Oyasumi Hologram’s re-various album is out:

Check out my girls in Bury sounding remarkably like Malcolm Mask McLaren:

Holy heck, Marionet’s gone indie!

I am very here for Gu-Gu LULU doing their best song:

An old new one from buGG:

Few things are as good as Kindan no Tasuketsu:

May the gods help us all, there’s a new Ikigusare album coming:

Pro-cut of Under Beasty is good pro-cut:

It is the official policy of Homicidols Dot Com to be very excited about new things from NILKLY:

Another week, another EMPiRE MV:

Ever since their first and only graduation ever, Yanakoto Sotto Mute has felt like they’re in mourning, and rightly so. These outfits kind of cinched it for me:

Live MIGMA SHELTER because life is good:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is AIBECK, solely because nobody in idol is settling scores in the same way:

This of course being done in the service of the group losing most of its members, so … one, hey, look at AIBECK as a duo, and also, do you want to audition?

Boss Rei will idol no more, so why wait to put out something from her band?

Meanwhile, this is how BURST GIRL moves on:

Remember when I delved into K-pop for a hot minute with DREAMCATCHER? They’re releasing an album in Japan!

And also in Korea!

Big news (last week) from BLACKNAZARENE who get the benefit of the doubt on this one because that’s a good tune:

For everybody else who digs on NEGICCO:

Because they came up yesterday, a couple of pieces on the solo work of REGiNA KiSS members:

I keep hoping that the mishmash would stop with the little demos already:

For you Candye Syrup fans:

A whoooooole lotta BiS:

Congratulations to the new mother!

Homicidols Dot Com proudly presents Hikari Shiina doing karaoke:

Have a great weekend!