Check out This Awesome Guso Drop Album Art UPDATED

It’s been a dramatic last few months for the heaviest idols in the world, but Guso Drop has kept on truckin’, and they’ll be releasing an EP in June. Here’s the art:

And FWIW, I think it’s being published by a new diskunion imprint, which is neat — the scene needs to support itself.

It looks like a mix of known and mostly unknown material, though I’m sure that folks who’ve seen them live can best attest to that.

UPDATE: And buy one, get four!

3 thoughts on “Check out This Awesome Guso Drop Album Art UPDATED

  1. 1. Guso Drop is their entrance song at lives. For a long time everyone has just called it SE.
    2. Hirari, Hirahira is pretty much performed every live.
    3. I do! I do! is newish and only started getting performed after Shion quit.
    4. No.18 was ready before Shion quit but was never performed before then.

    This also leaves 『I(∵)L』, Tearing Teens, Snow Rain@Tokyo, Memeshii Men and Gushin as unreleased songs. Especially in the case of Idol and Tearing Teens, they’ve been performing them live for way over half a year now so I’m wondering if without Shion they don’t want to do them anymore.

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