Check out Ayukuma’s ‘WAR CRY’ and Cry Cuz It’s Short

I’m running out of reasons to keep my own personal obsession off of this site. Ayumikurikamaki are too damn fun, too damn good and often too damn heavy to just treat as a family-friendly clubcore thing.

They released a video for the lead track off of their upcoming new album … but didn’t feel like paying YouTube Red, so it isn’t available in the United States (and possibly other countries).

Idol 2.0 to the rescue:

They’re bears, see. “Kuma.” Amazing.

That’s great. They’re great. They’re so fun. They’re what LMFAO really meant when they talked about “party rock.” They just completed their hosting duties of saku saku. I can’t even.

Somebody who lives in Japan should buy me their CD and send it to me. I’ll totally PayPal you back send a money order; they don’t let Maniacs open checking accounts.

17 thoughts on “Check out Ayukuma’s ‘WAR CRY’ and Cry Cuz It’s Short

  1. P…P-please, sir…may I have some more?

    Seriously though, that was awesome! So many different sounds, and so light hearted!! It’s like the perfect music to sing along to when you drive home from a shitty day at work!

    • lol also apparently you can’t put HTML-esque tags in these comments…that was supposed to have “[Oliver Twist]” in angle brackets around it

  2. You say “Somebody who lives in Japan should buy me their CD and send it to me” The “somebody” your looking for is here. We are expecting a mother haul of otherwise un-obtainable merch any day now.

    • You too? Just last week we took delivery of 3 badass Kamen Joshi t-shirts, 2CD’s, and the Moa Tsukino birthday festival Blu-ray(amazing show). A close friend of mine acquired Momoclo tickets back in February for the Seibu Dome show. Bridge.jpn is the best !!! Great service

        • You all have me thinking about exactly what to get.

          Oh btw, the last time I looked at CD Japan, BiS’s Urya-Oi! mega package was out of print — does that mean it’s not available?

          • Yeah, it means that thing is not being produced anywhere anymore, and thus not available from their supplier. I’ve run into it a few times, esp with rarer mangas (ロサリオとバンパイア#5 with Mizore, for example).

          • CDJAPAN is always our first stop for cd/bd’s. But some of our underground girls have merch to sell as well on their on sites. Our humble site host was drooling over that sweet Passcode jacket just a few weeks back. Purchasing items like that from small site stores is perfect for using Bridge.jpn. C’mon Maniac, you could be the first kid on your block to be repping for Passcode in style. You know you want it, just send the link from the Passcode store, and they’ll take it from there. They only add a 5% fee, plus shipping from site to site, then shipping to you. You know you want that jacket .LoL Go for it (;_;)

          • I’m giving you side-eye. You just can’t see it yet.

            BUT, hypothetically, if I were to be like “I want Hanako-san’s new single CD and a PassCode hat and the skin of the man that Sari tortured and killed,” Bridge would get all of that together?

        • Hey phillter, indeed, cdjapan is awesome for cd’s and blu-rays, and we have quite a purchase history with them. However my current addiction/obsession with the “Mask Girls” is somewhat limited by cdjapan, although they seem to be catching on as of late. My recent quest was for t-shirts and special theater shows on blu-ray, only available from Alice Project web store. Their site store is chock full of items all loyal fans should own, including shirts, towels, autographed posters, and most importantly, blu-rays of all their daily shows What band produces up to 5 concert discs a week??? They become somewhat redundant, but there are often special shows and birthday festivals that are very unique and highly sought after by us. Unfortunately, they will not ship outside of Japan.Thus, the need for other parties to intervene. Fortunately, Bridge.jpn’s 5% fee is quite reasonable, but we did incur additional shipping cost from Alice Project to Bridge.jpn, still well within reason. Without their assistance, these prized possessions would be otherwise unattainable. Funny little story involving cdjapan, my first pre-order of Metal Resistance, that was to include a bonus t-shirt, got cancelled at the last minute Upon re-ordering, I chose the LE version that includes the DVD(region 2) of the full Metrock 2015 set, ironically, in the meantime, cdjapan had just added the Kamen Joshi show from Saitama Super Arena of 11-23-2015, also region 2 DVD, but the release date is not until April 20th, and of course, we need to bundle as many items together as possible. So as of yet, I’ve not heard the full Babymetal album, but this slight delay will give an opportunity to hack one of my old computer drives into region 2 compliance. All is good. By the way, great looking score of merch you got, autographs as well. Gotta support our girls. Kitsune Up Mask On

          • Ah excellent thoughts on the site store thing. I guess I’d just resigned myself to the fact that I can’t get bands’ store stuff until I move over there and actually have a Japanese address, or to eat HUGE middleman costs. Thanks for the tip of the new website to use 🙂 And yeah thanks! That was an awesome haul to get, and I got it the day after I saw Bandmaid in Seattle. That was an amazing concert!

  3. Thanks for the tip of the new website! I’d resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to get band site store stuff for a reasonable price until I move over there in July, but I’ll give that site a shot 🙂 And yeah thanks, it was an awesome concert, and the Band-maid members are really great. Kanami and I had a (rather short) conversation as she was signing stuff! That’s too bad to hear about the shipping delay and cancellation, but you won’t be disappointed, trust me. Best advice: form your own opinion before reading other peoples. That album is rather divisive it seems (^_-)

    • 2 points I want to respond to. 1st: The total middleman cost in my case was very reasonable,less than $15. Bridge.jpn charged a 5% fee and the in country shipping was around $6 The shipping from Japan(EMS 4day) was essentially the same as cdjapan, around $25 to $30 to east coast US. No way around county to country shipping. My #2 response on my Babymetal shipping mishap was just a bit of humorous irony, in that , if not for the fact that my initial pre-order got cancelled, I would have had to order the Kamen Joshi DVD singularly, and incur another shipping fee.All i have to do is avoid everything Babymetal related for a couple of weeks, a true test of discipline, as I have a long standing ritual regarding new music. I own a recording studio and my first listens are always done in my control room through a very respectable sound system, complete with acoustic treatment for the ultimate listening experience. Imagine the clarity of headphones but with the chest thumping power that only physical movement of air can provide. Kitsune Up

  4. Hey Maniac, if I may jump in here since I’ve already completed my transaction. If items you want exist on a site store, just send them the URL and I’m sure they can obtain it. If items you want only exist at a physical store i.e. the snapshot you posted recently of some kind of bootleg box cd from a band i can’t recall at the moment, it may have been BiS, remember?? From that snapshot it appeared to be from Tower Records, Bridge.jpn will physically travel to the store to obtain your items. If you desire the skin of a dead man, I imagine you may receive some dead skin, how authentic it is (shrugs shoulders). My venture only involved the Alice Project web store, so it was quite simple. A 5% is charged, in my case about $7. the shipping from site to site was $6, granted both sites are based in Tokyo. Osaka to Tokyo will obviously be more. EMS shipping(4 days) was around $27, variable by weight of course. From cdjapan I normally incur about the same $25 to $30 cost for shipping. At the end of the day I spent less than $15 for someone else to shop for me, and for the 3 badass shirts and the highly coveted Tsukino Moa Birth Fest 2016 Blu-ray show, you remember the one when she unleashed that awesome new custom bass? That for us, is a steal. In fact at this very moment Bridge.jpn is scouring the web on the hunt for Babymetal tickets for Tokyo Dome. If you would like, I would be more than happy to write up a brief, concise description of my experience for a post, as I’m sure others may find themselves in a similar situation in regards to physical merch.

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