Burst Girl’s Super Revolution

Change sometimes happens with glacial slowness. Sometimes, it comes in waves. Burst Girl apparently prefers change at the pace of a meteor strike. If a die-hard Burst Girl fan was hit by a bus and spent the week in a coma, they would be forgiven for waking up this morning, seeing the new MV and asking, “Who are these purple-clad punks and why does the center’s smile look so familiar?” 

Burst Girl’s revolutionary week started last Sunday when it was announced that they would be making their Western debut as part of Italian idol festival Monster of Dolls 2020 line-up.

Then Monday saw the graduation of Zero-chan. Though I’ve been overusing the phrase this year, this graduation is an end of an era. Rei-chan was an iconic presence in chika idol and it is hard to remember a time when she wasn’t the BOSS, first of Guso Drop and then of Burst Girl.  


At least it looks like everyone had a good time at the send-off.

The following day (taking a page from Kai’s separation from Screaming 60s) Rei-chan wasted no time in dropping an MV for her new full-time project, “fancy animal punk band” Knuckle Chihuahua.

For their part, the remaining Burst Girls sent out a tweet Tuesday morning that two new members would be revealed after the announcement received 300 retweets.  Fans obliged, and just over two hours later we were introduced to:


And Roa

Not done by a long shot, Thursday saw the unveiling of Burst Girl’s new costumes designed by none other than Waka-piku of Bunily (and former member of Guso Drop, GEKIDOL and Lolisyn).

Burst Girl then finished off the week with yesterday’s one man live where the new line-up performed publicly for the first time.  They capped the show by unveiling the new MV for “Super Revolution” and announcing that the song will be released as a single on November 20.  They also announced a 2nd anniversary one-man live for January.

Expect Burst Girl to slow down never.