Screaming 60s Take a Breath

Five years and 1,293 shows later, Screaming 60s capped what has been perhaps the most relentless and legendary run in chika idol history with am exuberantly emotional live at Zepp Nagoya on September 2nd.

As the group enters a period of indefinite (and perhaps permanent) hiatus, the entire chronology of the Screaming 60s saga has been painstakingly documented in a commemorative booklet available for download.

All parties involved have been cagey, carefully avoiding saying that Screaming 60s are finished and only reminding us that nobody knows the future. We do, however, know that Montero’s immediate future largely involves motherhood. Kai, for her part, didn’t even take a day off before announcing her new role as vocalist for a just-launched band, Tentai 3349.

This loss is a tough one, even with a couple months notice to process it. Zekkyosuru 60 Do have been a fixture in chika idol for such a long time now, displaying a level of talent, stamina and indie cred that next to no unit has been (or will be) able to match.  If you haven’t yet snagged a copy of Zetsu, their 18-track album released earlier this year, I suggest you find a copy quick as it is destined to become a classic of the genre.

What I want to know is, where are we supposed to cry now?