Candy GO!GO! Released a Single

I got to tease it in the Weekender; now we get to hear the latest from idorock uber-veterans Candy GO!GO!. Any and all commentary saved for after the:

Part of the reason is that it’s hard for me to have very much to say about Candy GO!GO! stuff. It’s remarkable in its consistency and accessibility, a statement that may strike you as shade, but it’s definitely not meant to be — they’re basically the … okay, so it’s also hard to relativistically compare Candy GO!GO! to contemporaneous acts in the West, so maybe it’s more appropriate to say that they are in so many ways extremely idol, which was also part of the other thing I wanted to say, so let’s use it.

Also remarkable about Candy GO!GO!? How pitch-perfect they are as an idol unit. See, this single (available next week!) is effectively their celebration of 10 years together. We mark 2020 as the tenth anniversary of loudol becoming a thing because of Babymetal in column A and BiS in column B more or less arriving at once; what tends to get lost in that is Candy GO!GO! becoming a thing in the exact same window. Granted, idorock as we can experience it through them is far more established than gesturing toward any one specific convenient point in time, so it doesn’t quite have the same cache, but I do think that it merits mention because nobody does idorock quite as perfectly as Candy GO!GO!, who are effectively the embodiment of career idols (Rin’s been in the group for 10 years!) making music that it’s very difficult to not like. Their product is absolutely themselves, doing what they do, and it works for them.

So yeah, 10 years, a single, anchor of an agency, a legacy that deserves some recognition.