The Energy in NELN’s Latest Is Exactly What We Need

I learned an important thing about NELN this morning: The reason they’ve been so prolific since their debut back in the spring has been because they debuted with the intention of releasing a new MV every month for their first 12 months of existence. That really puts it all in context! And explains that here we are, on the final day of November, and yet another NELN MV has arrived. It may not be the rip-roaringest thing they’ve ever done, but it is a lovely little bit of idorock with a clever MV and you know what? You should just be doing this yourself:

Honestly, I’m impressed with the amount of creativity and quality that it does have; at no point in my life have I done a thing 12 times and had it be better than passable every one of them. It all does make me wonder what’s waiting at the end of the rainbow, which is to say “the end of March” when this parade of MVs finally ends. Album/one-man/announcement for next thing? As likely as anything. But how cool would it be if NELN just never stopped Nelning? Like “MV per month for 12 months” turns into “MV per month for 12 YEARS.” You snicker and/or scoff, but that’s basically the world we’re in now — if you aren’t in the news, you may as well be dead — and I can’t think of a less scandalous way for a musical/performance project to ensure that they’re always on the fans’ minds.

And not to put it too bluntly, but, uh, Best Of season is opening!