This New One from Payrin’s Is Really Great

Please take a few moments today, friends, to feast your eyes and ears on the below, if for no greater reason than it will make me happy to think that you did so. As it often feels being one of the few gaijin wota to genuinely dig on Payrin’s — I was the only member of Team to put their exceptional Vinculum album on my personal Best Of short list, like — it’s like revealing a pure, perfect secret every time they deign to add to their limited multimedia collection, an inexplicable phenomenon as all actual Payrin’s releases are a true pleasure to experience, and I want to make sure to share that least a few other people get converted on this release. It’s really great!

That’s just lovely. Really, it is. The song is very cool and the visuals, while maybe a little short of action, are simple and pretty and attractive. I watched it twice just to dig on the colors some more!

Payrin’s really needs to do more on the MV side of things. This is not a group that releases a ton of video, which is as great a shame as any you’ll find in the scene because they clearly should do lots of MVs! Like, don’t shrink away from this thing that you’re really good at! We all already know that your music kicks ass but give us more media!

But yeah, speaking of, I can’t find any reference at all to an impending single or EP or album release, and this doesn’t appear on Vinculum, so I can only imagine that it’s out there to create some buzz for their one-man coming up at the end of the month. So with that in mind: Please buy all of the Payrin’s stuff that you can, that they may flourish.