Go Ahead and Get Stoked about HAMIDASYSTEM’s EP

You guys remember HAMIDASYSTEM, right? Because the few times that I’ve been able to share stuff about them, I’m all hype and giddy and you wonder what’s wrong with me even more than usual? Yeah? Okay great.

They’re putting out an EP, and of course that needs a lead track, and of course that means an actual MV instead of just live video, and I think you might dig it:

Thanks as always to Pure Idol Heart for being the guardian angel over us all

You can get the sucker from OTOTOY, which is usually a good sign, including a free DL for the next month:

I’m proud of them. I’m always proud of idols that start off literally at the bottom of the proverbial heap, but manage to crawl their way to something recognizably Possibly A Thing through a combination of talent, material, presentation and, well, that inexplicable IT FACTOR that certain groups just don’t seem to possess while others inexplicably charge on and thrive despite mostly being butt.*

HAMIDASYSTEM, I don’t think they’re going to conquer the world or anything, but there’s a clear space in idol for them (and others like them), and they’re getting into it and starting to make it work. Good for them.

*I bet you were waiting for a link there, huh? Context says that one would be there. But guess what — I SHAN’T REVEAL MY TRUE NEGATIVE BIASES UNTIL SENIOR WEEK, WHICH IS MANY MANY MOONS AWAY!