While We’re at IT, Let’s Also Meet 99%LOVER

The best idol discoveries are the ones that happen because somebody you’ve been following for a while happens to suddenly appear in another project that they tweet about like it’s going out of style (and also are probably obligated so to do). I refer in this case to this young lady, who was out of nowhere tweeting about something called 99%LOVER (Twitter) about a month back, which led to a follow, which led to … well, like, you know how most of the time the big lure in idol music is either the music itself or the ability of said idols to actually sing said music? What about the times when it’s that, plus really cool and intense dance routines?

Just look at this stuff:

Man, there’s a lot happening there, and almost all in a good way. It’s like Himegami CRISIS and DAIDAIDAI got together for a jam. And that, friends, is officially the first time that Homicidols Dot Com ever described an idol project vis a vis only plural other idol projects. This is what mature idol content looks like! Also, it’s what a hell of a debut looks like!

Their official trailer from a couple of weeks ago isn’t half as energetic, but listen to all of those beats!

Now, while we discern things like beat style, it’s also important to consider: Is the name a reference to, perhaps, non-total commitment, or a metahistorical wink-and-nod at the well-intentioned-but-inevitably-undone-by-its-own-refusal-to-adopt-a-concrete-political-program Occupy movement? Wiggle your fingers in the appropriate direction to signal your agreement!

99%LOVER is clearly off to a good start, albeit a completely fresh and new and so far unchallenged by the likes of “illness” and “family obligations” and “creative differences” and whatnot one, because they’ve barely had time for wota to do something creepy and untoward, let alone descend very far into the septic pit that is idol. Good for them! I’ll be keeping an eye on them and hope that they can be at least as prolific as either half of the weird duo that I compared them to above.

And that, friends, is how you begin to finally whittle down your 200+ draft count that’s almost exclusively groups that you plan on getting to eventually!