Better Three Months Late Than Never: Spooky Treat!

Man, does anybody else remember HATEGLEAM? For one extremely hot minute, I thought they represented a next step in loud idol evolution, a genuine metalcore kind of project fronted by a pair of maybe-idols. Their second main foray out into the world wasn’t quite up to the same (really good) standard, and the band never really seemed to catch on, and … then they were done. Exactly what the members were going to do with themselves at that point was a mystery, and frankly all of my thoughts were to other places.

And then a guy types the word “spooky” into a tweet and some odd recommendation, something that I’m allegedly following, comes up. Sure, let’s give this a try:

Oh neat, it’s (basically) HATEGLEAM! Except now going a rather Suzu Hinata-esque goth-rock-metal-like thing.

What’s actually killing me about it is that I don’t know if it was ever anything more than a one-off: Official hasn’t tweeted since December, and that was just an RT, the first movement since Halloween. Maybe the whole point is just to do something fun, and everybody’s actually busy with other projects and stuff. That, or maybe the world’s going to be denied Hina’s surprisingly good voice and Shima’s much-improved harsh delivery.

If it doesn’t ultimately work out, at least we’ll always have:

Sweet dreams!