AZOCalypse Now!

BREAKING NEWS: Across the nation of Japan and around the entire world, people are coming down with terminal cases of “not being able to mind their business”.

As you might recall from our last episode of Homicidols Z, ZOC had been dropped from Ekoms management, they gave Kanano her solo song as one last farewell and the general consensus was that Kanano was on friendly terms with everyone.
Which, after about three days, has aged like milk.

Because the ZOC girls are all figures very much in the public eye, people tend to talk about them a lot, case in point like we’re doing here right now. A few rumours and whispers started to arise ranging from “Kanano was kicked out for drug use” to “Kanano was kicked out because she doesn’t get along with Seiko Oomori”, and in a series of deleted tweets Kanano seemingly confirmed that she is not on friendly terms with Seiko. Kanano is also in a mutual following with Katy and Karen but not Seiko, Marina and Maro. Whether that means Maro and Marina dislike Kanano is anyone’s guess and isn’t proof of anything, but that’s how things are.

Fuel behind the “Kanano is on drugs” fire more recently included alleged leaked screenshots of Kanano’s private Instagram account that included a story post with some LSD and (seemingly) MDMA. Kanano attempted to clarify that the picture was not taken by her so the drugs couldn’t belong to her, but a few people managed to compare the filter used on the picture to filters that she likes to use and that a section of somebody’s purse was identical to the purse that Kanano is seen carrying now and then.

So what does this tell us? It tells us that more than one person on earth owns a pink purse. Also that Kanano is a bad liar.

Following this, ZOC released a statement announcing a temporary suspension of activities and a second statement from Ekoms elaborating in a wishy-washy way as to why they were dropped from the company.

A summary of Seiko’s statement on behalf of ZOC is that she is declining to comment despite harassing messages on Twitter directed at both her and Kanano. Loosely, the second paragraph is “There’s a lot of things I would like to say, but the fact of the matter is somebody will always get hurt.”
The statement from Ekoms also reiterates that they will be declining to comment on the ins and outs of things, and that the internal structure of the group doesn’t align with what Ekoms wants to do. Therefore, ZOC will no longer be managed by Ekoms.

ZOC will not be breaking up, but they will be taking a short hiatus to get their shit together.

So, what does this mean for Kanano? The law in Japan is incredibly harsh when it comes to drug possession. If you keep up with celebrities outside of the idol-o-sphere, you’ll have probably heard about how Pierre Taki (arrested for Cocaine possession) and his group Denki Groove only recently got their songs put back on streaming services after a drug scandal. Noriyuki Makihara (arrested for possession of 0.083g of Poppers. If you don’t know what that is it’s a stimulant that’s used mostly for sexual purposes.), one of the most widely beloved pop singers of the 80’s and 90’s still has his trial ongoing after postponement due to Corona.
Of course, it isn’t total career ending news. Yasuyuki Okamura was arrested for possession of crystal meth in 2008, spent two years in prison then released the OP to anime Space Dandy.

However, if any legal action is taken this would obviously put Kanano in a bit of hot water. Currently she also runs the non-profit charity Bae which is dedicated to raising awareness of childhood abuse, how it can lead to juvenile delinquency and educating people on how they can help themselves and others. Obviously, you can’t run a charity while in prison, and even if she wasn’t arrested a drug scandal might shy people away from allowing her to give lectures. Her idol group with her sister and TikTok antics with her family are all self-managed, but certain scandals do lead to a significant amount of fallout in Japan compared to in countries like America.

So that’s the update on the increasing drama surrounding ZOC and Kanano Senritsu! Please keep in mind, the purpose of this article is to inform people and not to pass judgement because quite frankly she’s a grown adult and can do what she wants. But remember, none of this confirms that those were her drugs anyway, because none of us want to get sued for libel. And hey, if you’re still concerned with women’s purity that much after reading this, I hear the local nunnery in your city is looking for a new manager.

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  1. Zoc has a curse at this point, things are getting crazier and crazier after every member loss
    I saw the hiatus notice and inmediately rushed to get the tea from Homicidols

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