Your Homicidols Weekender #168

Happy Weekend peeps! Our two days of (hopefully) slightly relaxed living are here! Yes, our Friday kick-off got a little marred by some truly sad news, (more on that later) and while it is truthfully making the weekend feel a little off-kilter and melancholy, ultimately we’ve got to persevere and keep going, cause darn it, that’s what our beloved idols would want us to do.

I noticed this week that the sun rose a little earlier and set a little later, so at last, we’re on the upside of daylight hours, that’s good! We’re all gonna get through the cold days, the ugly political mood, and the idol disbandments better and stronger, dammit! And for goodness sake, enjoy the Friday fun that Kerrie’s gifted us with cause it’s a goldmine of amusing possibilities. Now onto some weekender goodness…

Winning is having Up Up Girls play your wedding:

Welcome to a new single from HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI:

Somebody help me figure out how to get this to work so that NEO JAPONISM plays my town:

One less LAST IN MY CULT (for the time being):

Come to learn that THE READERS is a thing; stay for the photo of Okaki in twin tails:

RAY shared the tradition of mame maki with RINGO DEATHSTARR before opening for their Tokyo show.

Speaking of, Maison Book Girl is the opening act for the entire RINGO DEATHSTARR tour.

If you play these DIE/NING and Los An Jewels MVs back-to-back, it becomes a double bill of the punniest group names of 2020!

Adding to the ever-growing list of Ichiho’s business ventures, we now have a rival to Kika’s Bar.


Kai (former Screaming 60s) and Rei (former BURST GIRL) look like they’re enjoying life at the chika idol retirement home.

CHILDISH TONES with Beni are always a treat!


Have a great weekend!!!