Team Homicidols Best of the Year, 2022

Tis the season you’ve all been waiting for! The end of the year. Another one for the books. While you all have nominated and will soon be voting mercilessly on who deserves to be hailed as the number 1 in each category for 2022 (and take home a lovely photoshopped illustration as trophy), Team Homicidols has compiled their personal highlights of the year.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #319

It’s the last-day-of-the-year edition of the Weekender and I am tapping this out in a hotel room in Tokyo as I tick off an item on my bucket list, namely, to spend New Years Eve in Japan. I have only been here a couple of days, but I have already caught Hanako-San, situasion, Ringwanderung, Night Owl, Kolokol and MIGMA SHELTER. I have a lot of catching up to do after being away for almost three years. This is a long-winded way of apologizing for the Weekender being a bit lighter than usual, but I will still try to hit the big stuff.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #318

It is your Idol X-Mas Eve version of the Weekender. Tonight we will be visited by the ghosts of idol past, present and future and learn the true meaning of Idol X-Mas ( Spoiler: the lesson is, All things, including idol , are transitory and ephemeral, so be sure to live in the present and buy idol merch whenever you have the opportunity because the chance to own a cheki of your oshi in Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay may happen just this once and never again).

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Your Homicidols Weekender #317

I need to cut the preamble short a bit this week as I’m a bit slammed. I have a ton to take care of before I head off to Los Angeles for and 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San’s return to the States. If you haven’t snagged a ticket yet, regular tickets can be purchased up to the start time of the event. VIP tickets can be purchased until 11:00 AM on the 18th. I hope to see you there! 

In addition to Hanako-san shifting continents, there was lots of other stuff going on this week including a surprising number of idols re-emerging in various forms so be sure to read all the way down to the Oshifound Corner.

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2022: The Year of the Solo Idol Project

We are nearing the time when we start wrapping up 2022 which, as I’ve mentioned a few times in the Weekender over the past few months, could be dubbed The Year of the Solo Project. While we saw an enormous increase in the number of new idol projects in general versus the last couple of years, the sheer number of idols striking out on their own was something new and particularly noticeable.

The origins of chika idol are not well documented, at least in readily available, English language sources, but the apocryphal tales out of the late 90s are of solo, self-produced idols trying to attract audiences to small, basement stages of clubs in Akihabara. Perhaps it was the self reflection driven by the isolation of COVID that kindled a desire in so many idols to stand on stage alone and turn the genre back to it’s fabled roots. Whatever the reason behind the phenomenon, the end results have been pretty stellar.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #316

Before we look back over the past week lets look into the future: next weekend is the highly anticipated return of 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san to Los Angeles for her second-ever US show. 

We are working out details for a chance to interview our favorite youkai idol, so let us know if you have any questions that you would like us to ask Hanako-san on your behalf: Questions for Hanako-san.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #315

While the front page has been a little quiet lately, we have been busy behind the scenes. It’s December, which means, by the Homicidols calendar, it’s our Best of the Year awards season. Per tradition, our “Year” goes from December to November, which means that the window for eligibility just closed this past Wednesday. A lot of acts rushed out some last minute entries, so if was a packed week for new material.

Before we get to all of that, the  big news of the week was the announcement we all knew was coming but were silently dreading:  Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. will go on “indefinite hiatus” following their upcoming show at the Budokan in March.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #314

Over here in the US of A it’s the Thanksgiving holiday; that special time of year when we briefly lay down our assault rifles in order to stuff ourselves full of even more high caloric food than usual. Once we awaken from our food comas, we then consecrate the celebration through our indigenous shopping ritual, Black Friday. Usually, this season of unbridled consumption is only good for acquiring some heartburn and a mediocre deal on some clothing or electronics. This year, however, the idol gods decided to toss some offerings our way.

First up, Black Friday bought us word that Tokyo Psychopath will be making their US debut next Memorial Day weekend at Saboten Con ’23. Continue reading

Chris Graduates from Team Homicidols

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the graduation of Chris, aka Toxicbreakfast, from Team Homicidols, effective immediately. Cheki tickets for Chris will not longer be honored, and we’ve already spent the money so refunds are not available. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Since we didn’t have a white-sheet-of-death graduation announcement prepared, here’s the notice from Twinkle☆Stars regarding the departure of Yuria Shirota.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #313

I hate going Weekender to Weekender with no other new posts on Ye’ Olde Blog, but this week was a congruence of mad happenings and distractions. It’s not for lack of trying: if you could see the post queue, there are two half-written pieces that didn’t quite make it out, plus there was another sad event that I wanted to write about, but, see aforementioned madness.

In additional to localized craziness, there was plenty happening in the alt-idol world, from new drops from A-listers to some unfortunate transphobia from Z-listers. And while all that is going on, Twitter may be falling apart. Since we get most of our traffic from there, I’m expecting to receive an invoice from Elon any minute now.

So while I take a moment to catch some deep breaths, here’s what happened this week:

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