At Least We’ll Get a Farewell Album from Melancholy of the Black Cat

Finding out that Kuroneko no Yuutsu was going to disband after barely a year together was kind of sad (one might even say that it led to feelings of melancholy!), but their parting gifts to us include a full-blown album:

h/t @supreme_nothing

We know that Sayu has already begun to move on to a, uh, unique new group, and maybe they’ll keep the good times going, but I haven’t heard anything about a future for Kuriko.

Also, there hasn’t been any quality teaser or anything from the single they released last month (that I missed, oops), so I believe that, between these two releases, they owe us some kind of farewell MV. Given their rather casual approach to video, I’m sure anything we do see will be like taking too much cough syrup before bed.

Like this.