The Death of Cool: Melancholy of the Black Cat Done Ran out of Lives

That’s, like, three levels of pun in the title. You’re welcome.

And I was so proud of myself, too, for finally bringing Kuroneko no Yuutsu back to feature last week. This too-cool-for-school idol duo had long been a personal favorite, and now, as of Oct. 23, they will be no more, going out in a blaze of totally chillaxed glory at the first, last and only one-man. (h/t @supreme_nothing, cool person and best handle on all of Twitter)

Speculation as to the discontinuation is futile — as if girls like that would talk to people like us — but it is well-known that Sayu has been cheating on Kuriko and management for some time under a different Twitter handle, @Aicecream97, and running around with the new girls at school, Kachiage Girls:

If those songs sound familiar, congratulations (you know your music!), and also it’s because Kachiage Girls is a cover unit.

As any aside, Kuronekono’s management (whoever it may have been) was the very first official representative of an idol group to communicate directly with me (and the first stranger who wasn’t either drunk or extremely high to give me an impromptu “I love you”), way back when this site was probably all of a week or so old, and I have a big ol’ soft spot that I’m going to have to fill with caramel and cover songs, I guess.

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