Here’s the Final Video for Melancholy of the Black Cat

I’m very sad that Kuronkeo no Yuutsu has run me flat out of nine-lives puns, and also sad that their disbandment is imminent. They add a diffident coolness to an idol world that’s usually so earnest and deliberate, playing as what we used to call “alternative girls” way back when my neighbor’s older sister was smoking cloves in the woods and letting me borrow her Dead Milkmen shirts.

Their last PV is for a song called “Don’t Disappear” or something like that, and the whole shebang is just full of feels. Continue reading

At Least We’ll Get a Farewell Album from Melancholy of the Black Cat

Finding out that Kuroneko no Yuutsu was going to disband after barely a year together was kind of sad (one might even say that it led to feelings of melancholy!), but their parting gifts to us include a full-blown album:

h/t @supreme_nothing

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The Death of Cool: Melancholy of the Black Cat Done Ran out of Lives

That’s, like, three levels of pun in the title. You’re welcome.

And I was so proud of myself, too, for finally bringing Kuroneko no Yuutsu back to feature last week. This too-cool-for-school idol duo had long been a personal favorite, and now, as of Oct. 23, they will be no more, going out in a blaze of totally chillaxed glory at the first, last and only one-man. (h/t @supreme_nothing, cool person and best handle on all of Twitter)

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Melancholy of the Black Cat Is Too Cool for You

It’s been about forever and a day since last I had much to share from Kuroneko no Yuutsu, but they’re fairly active and regularly put up stuff on Twitter, etc. It’s just usually of butt quality. This is better!

It’s a shame that hipster scum became such a polarizing pariah status (I blame the asshats who infested Brooklyn), because 90s-style hipster idols — they listen to Sonic Youth and developed ironic self-detachment as a way of dealing with crushing poverty — would be a fascinating sub-scene, and Kuronekono could lead them and everybody could act like they’re too cool to even deal with this stuff, man, putting so much energy into proving how not-important the performance is that an irony singularity forms.

That’d be pretty neat.