And This Is How BURST GIRL Tried to Ruin My Christmas

Yeah, so to build off of that first thing that peed all over my attempt to have a de-idoled time of holiday cheer, there was also a lot of other stuff, and perhaps most notable among all of the other stuff was this stuff right here, which is BURST GIRL’s second MV, in celebration of their first anniversary, and let’s go ahead and say also in celebration of their having won Debut of the Year!


Whatever! The song is “Nancy”!

Nothing says “the holiday season” like a tribute to a very possible murder by domestic assault!

With one notable exception, I tended to find BURST GIRL antecedent Guso Drop’s video content lacking — for obvious reasons (cash) — despite digging on the music. This, on the other hand, is the best of both worlds! I like the more straight-ahead punk approach that BURST GIRL has been taking, and their narrative (and clean, thank goodness) style of video work. It was cool when pre-they sounded like they wanted to beat you down, but also exhausting after a while. Here, you get a little bit of a groove.

And now that we have an eye on narrative threads, just wait til the next post, wherein Classic Guso Drop is invoked and relationships become ever the weirder!