The ‘Painfully violent’ Video Is Here!

It feels like half of idol is sending out news and whatnot today — my queue for the week is getting ridiculous, and it’s only just noon — but I’m jumping over my own line to make sure that you all see Guso Drop’s latest.

The Heaviest Idol in the World deserves as much.

It’s important to remember that this song has some of the finest lyrical work ever:

捲土重来 来来rejoice
見て呉ればかりのtwo face bitches
Lets enjoy!!かましてリア充浸り気づけばone face bitches

君を見つけた時は 心拍8万回ぐらいはso♡が踊った
君が死に腐る時は clean eating. clean eating. yakekuso Painfully violent

Painfully violent

Fuckathon me
私時々Fuckathon me

傷を見つけた時は マチ針8万回ぐらいはso♡に刺さった
傷が癒え治る時は when you die. when you die. yakekuso Painfully violent

Ⅰ die. Ⅱ die.Ⅲ die.足りない
Ⅳ die. Ⅴ die. Ⅵ die.まだまだ
Ⅶ die.Ⅷ die.Ⅸ die.永遠に
もういいかい? まだだよ。
もういいかい? もういいよ。…華麗に散れ。

Do you think they might be sending a message?

19 thoughts on “The ‘Painfully violent’ Video Is Here!

  1. Maybe they asked “Should we do budokan for the new MV ?” And the director simply miss heard them?

  2. My 3 year old was watching videos on YouTube and I noticed this pop up.
    “Ooh can we watch that?” I asked, knowing he likes a bit of Idol. “Daddy’s been looking forward to that one!”

    “NO!” he screamed in reply and I went off, while muttering something about how horrible children are, to watch it on another machine. Where I found that, just sometimes, the horribleness of children can be a good thing.

  3. Absolutely disgusting. This is legitimate trash. I always knew that pedos and creeps were a good portion of the idol audience, but to go so far as to directly appeal to their immoral fanatsies? DROPPED.

    • Agreed, I can’t imagine any other idol group alt or not using such disgusting imagery in a music video.

      • Yeah I find it more hilarious and awkward then disgusting or offensive xD it’s nothing we haven’t seen before just not what I expected from a PV aha

    • Shouldn’t you be rage tweeting at the gu_dro account? 😛
      Posting here will have no other effect than to amuse the other readers. 🙂

    • 1) it’s not an unusual theme for idolcore groups
      2) I think it was used for the exact opposite aim as the one you stated?? it sounds like a denunciation of those perverse actions made by creeps and pedophiles, other than being a set of strong imagery which served as “background” for the amazing lyrics.
      Just my opinion, of course, but this doesn’t seem enough of a reason to drop HOMICIDOLS (who, by definition, go against common rules and morals in the idol communtiy)
      You’re free to do as you wish, though, just stating my thoughts! 🙂

      • Idolcore is a meme, we use it ironically and usually just make up ridiculous sub genre names for stuff, it’s really not a legitimate tag in all honestly. Not to mention the whole alt idol thing is a massive gimmick that some people seem in on and others have completely bought the dream, at the heart this is all still very much idol music.

  4. It is gross, but i love it. Don’t really care for the song but those lyrics, it is the reason for my attraction to japanese alt idols, they’re just so fascinatingly weird.

    Just wish at least the song was better, cum and blood won’t be enough to keep me interested, in a musical way, that is.

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