Get a Load of What Will Be a New HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI Song

And in keeping that stupid narrative thread together (don’t worry, it ends here unless I get bored again), because I’m apparently a chump and did the whole “oh right, Daichi” thing as my Christmas was being ruined by other loud idols, it took no time at all to venture toward for-a-hot-minute former sister group of Guso Drop and never sister group of BURST GIRL but definitely a group that also managed to try to ruin my Christmas except it was actually just their manager HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, because that’s how curiosity works, and of course there was something there, that’s how having Christmas ruined works.

What was it? A new song, one that will be Himegoto’s:

I say “will be” because while it’s entirely possible that people have heard this in a live context, as being performed by the actual members of HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, the fact remains that these lyrics are being sung by Daichi, which temporarily makes it a Daichi song, and a neat one at that. Good job, Daichi! Now let’s hear it by the actual group.


You can’t tell me that this isn’t Daichi recalling what made people love and then get kind of addicted to Guso Drop way back when, which also brings this whole thing full circle so let’s find another narrative device for any other posts today, okay. Himegoto has mostly been more straight-ahead punk rock so far (see: previous, for the flip), but will anybody complain if they take some cues from the former Heaviest Idol in the World? Doubtful!