Your Homicidols Weekender #264

Hello and welcome to another Homicidols Weekender! We’ve been having a lot of fun recently in our new Discord server, so much so that we’re replacing the usual songs at the end of the weekender with a community built playlist. Every week we’ll be collecting submissions of all kinds of music so that hopefully, you’ll be able to discover something fun through a short sample of our collective tastes. Could be on the heavier side, could be on the quieter side, you’ll just have to read the weekender to find out! So, onwards we go:

MANACLE dropped an MV for “BAN your HURT”, the title track off of their EP being released this coming Wednesday.

Looking for some new Christmas music for the office holiday party? POPPiNG EMO has you covered.

Or forget Christmas and warm yourself with NELN’s new English language version of “Summery”.

Does anyone else hear Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. occasionally channel the ghost of Maison book girl in this otherwise digital idolcore track?

Everything Meme Tokyo does lately is simply amazing.

JROCK NEWS posted their interview with NECRONOMIDOL conducted during their recent European tour.

Hachimitsu BLACK sounds sweet as honey with a backing band.

2& has a new single coming out this week.

All-witch unit StryGo! has conjured forth their debut MV.

Speaking of bewitching, here’s three live songs from the immaculate LiLii Kaona.

MAPA is still very new, but here’s some new MAPA

MERRY BAD END may be on hiatus (:sob:) but we now have BAD END (no relation) to help fill the hole in our hearts.

Anyone who watched ATARASHII GAKKO!’s US debut via Amazon Music remembers the livestream failed for the majority of two songs of their set. This unfortunately included the debut of their new single “Free Your Mind” accompanied by local LA dance troupe, Project Renegade.  AG! promised to find a way to release the performance, and it seems that they have finally managed to claw 1:28 of the footage out of Amazon’s voracious maw of total consumption.

A nice suggestion from the Discord video channel: If you haven’t taken the time to familiarize yourself with 2021 debut unit may in film, set aside 25 minutes and get to get to know them.

That Discord server is really paying off! That’s where I learned about the SKA iDOL PROJECT.  Anyone working to put more ska in idol has my full endorsement.

NAGISA of KAMIKAZE SENSATION turned 18! Here’s her birthday band set.

Oshiloss Corner

For those wondering what Honoka has been up to since her tragic departure from Minna no Kodomochan, she went back to get her high school diploma (after previously dropping out twice) and then focused on passing university entrance exams. She has now rejoined Twitter and will be starting college in the spring .

She also started a TikTok, so you can follow her there as well.


#初投稿 #おすすめ #イージーゲーム

♬ Easy Game – natsumi

Yubune is suspending activities with MIGMA SHELTER. She states she is not in good condition, physically or mentally, and will take this break to recover.

Haze,  featuring KATY (former ZOC) released a new MV.

Yes, Sally. Yes you are.

Weekend Radio

Finally here to check if your suggestions made it into our inaugral weekend radio huh? We have a pretty good mix of everything, so thank you to everyone who contributed (and to joshi_metal in the Discord, since this was his idea)!

Have a Good Weekend!!