I Feel Like ‘Big Mood’ Is the Only Way to Describe This New STARMARIE

Man, do you guys remember when STARMARIE was a regular Friday feature around here? It was purely by circumstance and the luck of timing, as I don’t think that Friday featured all that prominently in their planning, but it just neatly fit that the monster amount of live video and announcements and MV clips and the like that this neat esoterica-themed project churned out would publish toward the end of the week. Then the Weekender got legs, and then, frankly, there were just too many idols and not enough time, and STARMARIE was always more about concept than execution anyway, and … well, I’m not going to pass on the chance to highlight them when they do put out something that’s this good visually and a convincing argument in favor of their more interesting musical moves to boot?

My goodness, that song is absolutely dripping with international, multi-era pop moves. I have no idea if it’s lyrically half as dark as the video portrays, but it can’t possibly be as bright as the instrumentation suggests. Why can’t I Japanese better!

They even want us to have it:

It’s a single, right? I’m not crazy? (/checks Spotify) Nope! And holy crap, that’s gotta be the most filled-out idol group’s Spotify I’ve ever seen!