Your Homicidols Weekender #125

Welcome back to the weekend! This week felt a little like being on the kind of flight where everybody claps at the landing. Idol stuff, yes (and I’m just now realizing that I lost track of some of last week’s stuff and will try to catch up), but also just a regular ol’ whirlwind. Madness, I tell you. This level of activity should be banned for everybody who isn’t a new parent.

Important programming note: The Corenament’s Final Four will kick off today, semifinal today and then the championship on Monday. You guys have done really great with it (congratulations on being the Duke of this year, BiSH!), and I’m excited to see where things land. There’s still a chance of our first repeat champion, and that’s really cool!

If you wanted a Weekender, though, I think you’ll be happy. The regular items are fine, though a little light; on the plus side, idol conspired to make some particularly amusing things happen, so we are all winners for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s the ass-crack of dawn and I both have to be at a work event today and then have a, uh, ceiling to repair and a garden to dig and shut up, just play the Fun and try to enjoy yourself more than I will.

You Got It

No big deal, just NECRONOMIDOL covering Electric Ribbon:

Man, you’re really missing out if you aren’t in on DAIDAIDAI, you guys:

Some Odoro:

PassCode did it:

Well this is interesting:

New look from SPARK SPEAKER:

Those of you who like good things may revel in this Task have Fun single:

Minna no Kodomo-chan: New website, fan club stuff, big-ass tour:

A SAKA-SAMA appearance!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is THE BANANA MONKEYS, who now officially can and should always be juxtaposed with whatever WACK does, seeing as how Bananamanagement has figured out how to be ridiculous and overbearing and thirsty as hell without having to resort to such incredible lengths, and is just as creative to boot. ANYWAY. Banamon didn’t lose any members during the free-agent period; they gained two:

And then they went and re-recorded a bunch of stuff with the full regime:


Mini Idol in Focus

This week’s Halfway Idol in Focus But Don’t Get the Wrong Idea, This Isn’t Regular is Owaranaide, Yoru, which is surprisingly hard to type and also just picked up two new members:

Both incidentally featured in that MV, by the way.

Also, Saaya is back from her health hiatus, and their first gig all together is today, which is neat. Sneaky good group!

Idol in Focus April Fools’ Day Special Feature

This was going to be a separate, dedicated, snarky-ass post, but then life intervened and before anybody knew it, it was yesterday, so … yeah, let’s just stick this stuff in here for now, okay? It’s a good rundown!

Burst Girl have transformed into Silent Girl.

Jyujyu… of should I say Shushu… so kawaii

Wa-suta are a boyband now

Banzai Japan are… uhh…


This is like the what-could-be of WILL-O’:

NO MARK gone rap:

Respect tipToe.’s hustle if nothing else:

Meanwhile, WILL-O’ is losing:

I demand more of this, and even more, from the mishmash:

Bury getting in some band rehearsal:

If you ever wanted to be part of the H MAPLES family but not a member of MAPLEZ proper, here’s your chance:


Someday, I hope to actually understand Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders, but I’m doing okay for now:

Here’s that damn masterpiece live:


Have a great weekend!