A Day at POP iD with PiGU

I had been sitting on this little video for about a week, and then was going to hold it longer for reasons explained below, but the other teenie pop punk idol news of the day is awful, and I thought, Who better to be the balm right now?

Have you ever wondered what shows at POP iD are like? Like, PiGU isn’t going to suddenly stop being extremely idol and performing for like 30 minutes max; there’s got to be other stuff going on.

Well, now we know some of it!

I had at least three moments where I stopped trying to understand

Now, PiGU just had themselves a three-day weekend in Tokyo, which is fantastic for them, and the (highly selective) Twitter impressions were positive. You can do pretty great for yourself using Osaka as your home base, especially when you’re the house idols of a fixed business like a cafe, but I like the idea of them spreading out more.

Anyway, I was hoping that they’d have posted some video from one of the Tokyo shows, and I could have featured that instead, but now I guess we’ll just have to do PiGU again!