THE SPUNKY Are Disbanding

Forget the punny titles and forget being clever; this is as saduation as there ever was one.

Couldn’t resist terrible portmanteau, though

There had been some rumors going around for a little while that there wouldn’t be any further records released by THE SPUNKY, which I personally didn’t completely believe; not because of where I was hearing them from, but because I thought it made more sense to find another red member and give it another go. I guess management had other plans.

And it has little to do with anything in the real world, but the actual timing is interesting to me, too; although Kamen Joshi won the thing and BiSH got a nice rub out of it, probably the biggest winner in the Corenament was Nagoya’s little pop punk trio, who finished third by involving their fans (and having arguably the funnest song in the final few rounds, too). Now, just a little over a year after the final, our third-place finisher will be no more.

Will update if there’s more as to how and why.

10 thoughts on “THE SPUNKY Are Disbanding

  1. That is sad. They started out so promising, channeling the Ramones. This will leave a gap in the market that demands to be filled!

    That’s it! I’m moving to Tokyo to start a Ramones-inspired unit and their sister group which will channel The Cramps. All of the members will be named Yui to avoid confusion. “Cheki with Yui? No problem.”

    I’m off!

    • But what if they all spell their names differently? Yui, Yuhi, Yuuhi, all-lacrosse team Youy (Pendergast-Whitlow), postmodern ‘U’i, etc.

      Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. Just think of the confusion!

      • Yui Deluxe, Frostee Yui, Yui Ad Rock, and when Yui graduates, no worries: “Welcome our new member, Yui!”

      • The Osaka Ramones (Shonen Knife) cover The Ramones side of things, also not Idol but Naoko and friends have earned the moniker.

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