What Do the Five Know?

Let’s get down to some good ol’ fashioned irresponsible speculation:

What’s next? And why must we wait until Fox Day to get it? And why was my snarky throwaway tweet so immediately thereafter proved prescient?

Moametal clearly hasn’t been ritually sacrificed to ensure the future of the Metal Resistance, so all we’re left with is whatever loose strings from the Babymetal Illuminati (which is real) that kind of stick together. But can you imagine if it were the most idol thing possible and two recent Sakura Gakuin graduates (or, heaven help us all, Muto?!) joined up … making five?


7 thoughts on “What Do the Five Know?

  1. It is a sweepstakes choosing 5 ‘knights’ across the country for something yet unnamed. Among being resident of Japan, you need to have the new ONE tshirt, and buy the Tokyo Dome bluray.

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