50 YMM MVs Day 41: Haiku

Zettai-teki ni Kimi
To MV today.

Short MV, not long
A ballad with four girls
Sentimental tune.

Let us watch it now
Then we may discuss it some
Forty-one on our list.

In the studio singing
It’s a low key vid.

Ano sings first line
Kechon then takes the next one
The song then begins.

Producer walks in
explains the song to the girls
They seem to like it.

Younapi goes next
Chiffon counts the beat on time
Off to a nice start.

WTF is that?
Anime girl with big breasts
Ano smirks at it.

Mobile devices
Everyone enjoys an app
RPGs seem fun.

Commercial tie-in
The song is for a phone game
“Phantom of the Kill”

Now back to singing
Filters in front of the mic
help keep the sound clean.

Whoa that’s a huge book!
Girls, let’s review the lyrics
on the sheet right here.

Now the bridge is done
Let’s go to a big finish
Sing with all your heart!

Napi gets last line
Staff and crew cheer the hard work
The girls are gracious.

Now the MV ends
as humble as it began
A feel-good moment.

Please come back again
Only a few MVs left
What comes tomorrow?