50 YMM MVs Day 31: Wave

To start this article off, let me inform you that I’m waving hello to you right now and typing with one hand!* It’s not easy, but I believe in diving deep into the themes that these MVs explore!

Today we’ve got YOU’LL MELT MORE! offering a staple music video trope: The conceptual MV where you rely on the general public, and also quasi-celebrity cameos to help create the content that gets edited together into a warm-hearted, feel-good video. Every artist does one eventually! The song is called “Eien no Shunkan”… Let’s give it a look…

Watching the MV, I spotted a familiar faces, some of which I knew instantly, and few I sort of knew only by their faces and not much else. I asked the Homicidols staff/private investigator crew to have a look and help me identify anybody they could. To name a few a few: Former YMM! member Chibo, comedian Yama-chan of the TV show ‘Terrace House”, Rere from when she was in THERE THERE THERE‘s, Gyuzo-the guy who runs Gyuno Fest, Nishii– the former Namuhamu and now in  APOKALIPPPS and ZOC, Beni Usakura, various dorama stars, a band called The Wellingtons that Daemon knew about, and Hana, drummer of Gacharic Spin and Doll$Boxx, plus that one guy who shows up in a bunch of YMM! MVs .  And please, by all means, feel free to inform us of anyone else you may recognize! 

So yeah, anyway, the mini-clebs, along with a bunch of regular folks, and finally the Yurumerumo! girls themselves take a moment to pop up and wave for the camera! The result is a light but kindhearted video with a ummmm….. a whole lot of waving. But even with something as low-budget and as seemingly a throw-away as this video might appear of the surface, there’s a spark of kindness and warmth that makes you feel pretty good after you watched it. And also that lovely song is a nice, brief departure from the usual genre-mashing wildness that we expect from YMM! Not everything needs to be a big production, as long as the heart is front and center.

This is about at that point where YOU’LL MELT MORE! was getting ultra-prolific and and making an MV for absolutely every. single. song. in their catalog, and that’s okay with me! I love this group’s promotional outreach and I hope they never let up.



*Hey, can I stop waving now? OMG my arm hurts….

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