50 YMM MVs Day 25: Feminine

Welcome to the halfway point! Imagine the world before Corona where anybody could go out during the hot summer days and relax with their friends. The drinking, togetherness and nostalgia: those are the key points of the music video for “Unmei”.

Unmei bridges the gap between Disco Psychedelica and YOUTOPIA, appearing on both. The tail end of Disco Psychedelica’s promo was another one of You’ll Mlet More’s collaberations with renowned artists; musical composition and lyrics were provided by Seiko Oomori.

If you’re familiar with Oomori’s works you’ll be able to recognise her signature style instantly. Like a lot of her own songs, sparkling music is juxtaposed with angsty lyrics.

“I hate life that’s like a movie
I wanna be a real person
I wanna be “me” more than anyone else”

Seiko Oomori’s mission as an artist is essentially womanhood and femininity – all aspects of it. For her, and as it should be for all, a coarse scream is just as feminine as something typically pink or frilly. She’s a woman (no shit!), so everything she does is an extension of her womanhood even if a bigoted eye might view it as ill befitting. That’s been extended to You’ll Melt More for this collaboration, the group members croon at karaoke singing their girly song which includes aspects of the good, the melancholic, the bad. It’s a twilight Tokyo night and it belongs to anybody that wants to grasp it, in this case it’s the girls from Yurumerumo.

You’ll Melt More push the limit with their collaborations, from harsh noise to new wave to melancholic shoegaze. While the video and song might seem muted in comparison, they’re apart of a bigger picture.
Idols can be anything – there’s nothing wrong with the image of girly pop music but consistently, YMM have taken that and combined it with the unconventional. And hopefully, with people like Seiko Oomori working with these dynamos maybe one day that “unconventional” form of girlhood might be more acceptable.