NEO JAPONISM Is the Reward

Gee whiz, gang, now that I’m alive again, which idol should I write about first? I know! Let’s put the giant-ass index that D built into a tumbler and pull out something at random!

/puts giant-ass index into tumbler
//spins tumbler
///tips tumbler over
Oh no, what have I done
////rifles through entered idol names until I find the one I want

What a random coincidence! It looks like I get to write about NEO JAPONISM again!

I’ll actually confess something: The story with Sari from yesterday? Never happened. What actually did happen ties into my home-sequestration activities, which included my building out a small gym in the basement of Maniac Mansion for purposes of fitness and occasionally causing myself grievous physical injury. And what do I do when I get fit/injure myself? I listen to music, naturally! Now, I actually didn’t have that much idol cross my Spotify new releases, not compared to everything else, but one release did catch my ear better than others, and that was NEO JAPONISM’s new album NON CALL-NOW (a couple of months ago at this point!), and dang if it didn’t get the ol’ itch to write impossibly long and somewhat disjointed but almost always grammatically sound sentences about idols going again.

So let’s do it!

The, uh, the album is very good and you should buy it if you haven’t already!

End of review. Or, proto-review. Review-esque. Whatever. The important thing to note is that the album is very good, and that stands to reason because — if past history and even the mere context of this post didn’t make it clear, I stan — NEO JAPONISM is probably the most musically consistent of the late-generation crop of idolcore-adjacent acts that came into being since about 2018. That goes for both iterations of the group, in fact, as they’re supported by genuinely excellent creative that’s doing great work.

By sharing them in two different media, I can get you to follow them in two different media!

So yeah, the album is good. NEO JAPONISM is good and continue to prove. I shan’t hyperventilate about the point anym–


I — nay, we — are truly blessed. Details to follow on this weekend’s live thing, I guess? Help a guy out — I’m trying to shoehorn six months’ worth of context into a brain that can barely follow a full episode of Robot Chicken anymore.

Here’s a “live” for you to enjoy as a reward for now falling in love with NEO JAPONISM and pledging to buy all of their music!

That’s three media!