50 YMM MVs Day 18: Gold!

COVID-19 may have delayed the Tokyo Olympics for a year but nearly five years ago, we got to watch the Tokyo MO!LYMPIXXX in the video for Korogare!! (Roll Over!!)

This was the final promo from the YOU ARE THE WORLD album and sadly the final video for a song they recorded as a six-piece.

Two things strike me as I re-watch this video.  Firstly, just how much more fun it would be if the real Olympics featured sports like these.  I generally only bother watching it for the ten seconds it takes to show the 100m final but I’d far rather watch the “30m Race of Mopping”.  I would certainly enjoy the spectacle of the world’s top athletes jumping up to catch some suspended bread or catching marshmallows in their mouths.

Secondly, just how much more fun it would be if the standard Olympic events featured tiny idols instead of the world’s top athletes.  Whose oshi will be best at the hammer throw or the pole vault?  Though I suppose the WACK groups would dominate the Marathon.

Are you watching, Tokyo Olympics organisers?  There’s still a year to make this the best Olympics ever!