Your Homicidols Weekender #398

July 4th has passed, AX is in full swing, and Niji no Conquistador have dropped their yearly bikini MV. Summer has officially peaked and it’s all downhill from here to what has become the annual August alienation of overseas fans by Tokyo Idol Festival organizers. I can’t wait!! Still, there’s a lot of other summer fun left to be had, like:

Tickets for WACK in the UK, Part the Third, featuring MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN TONAi BOUSHO a.k.a. MONSTERIDOL, BiS, and ASP, are now on sale.

Meanwhile, Himari Tsukishiro is hanging out at Anime Expo, in LA today as she wraps up the US leg of Isiliel’s Moonbow Crusade world tour.

Ichigo Rinhamu (one half of BPM15Q) is also in LA this week.

BABYBEARD and PAiDA look like they’re having a blast in Australia.

I’m in the new NEO JAPONISM MV! So are many others who were lucky enough to catch their US tour last Fall. 

PIGGS come with the feels in this lyric MV for their upcoming single.

ELLE Lily , one half of the future bass unit, eik , just dropped something amazing.

Hime Revolt from Taiwan weigh in with some GUSO Drop vibes. This is lot of fun.

AiNA THE END gets fancifully surreal in collaboration with composer Yutah Bandoh.

RAY gives us a PV for one of their best new singles of this year.

mistress are leaving us in September, but give us a single to remember them by.


Antithese mark their new five-member system with an appropriately titled MV.

pinponpanpon have a new formation as well. Here is their first MV as a duet.

I am a bad idol blogger who completely missed last month’s reboot of kawaii future bass unit, CUBΣLIC.

Here’s a PV from INUWASI’s 4th anniversary band set.

Meanwhile, Title Mitei release a PV from a recent performance on a virtual stage.

If there is a white lace shortage in Japan, you can blame GILTY×GILTY.

I believe this is our fist look at oirandochu live, dropping harsh vocals and everything.

SOMOSOMO have a lot to tell us on their new mini album. 


Here’s a nice city-pop flavored tune from Tonalia

Over on the Homicidols Discord server, Fredo brought our attention to solo idol TENOHIRA EL. She has been around for a few years, so I’m not sure how she’s not been picked up on our radar until now.

Creators of some of the catchiest tunes on the planet, PAPIPUPEPO wa Muzukashii wrote a birthday song.

Watch then read on to learn why REBEL REBEL won’t be a duo for long. (EDIT: After further discussion on the Homicidols Discord server, we’re are collectively unsure of how many members are currently in the unit, but we do know that temporary member, Akari, will become a full member soon.)

Oshiloss Corner

QUEENS is dead! Long live QUEENS!

NEMURIORCA is disbanding after their one-man live in September.

The final two original members of EVERYTHING IS WONDER will be moving on: Ruto is graduating from the unit while Akari will be joining REBEL REBEL full time on August 2.

Jyuuniji Tepeco will graduating from EVE.

Oshifound Corner

The ultimate Oshifound event is occurring this Monday on the 10th anniversary of the disbanding of, BiS, aka THE foundational and most influential unit in the history of alt-idol. All of the final members of the first generation will be on hand at Kabukicho Cine City Square in Shinjuku, but tickets will be handed out at random at Tower Records Shibuya earlier in the day. The original arbiters of idol choas will be at it again, for at least one more evening. This will be legend.

The BiS news completely overshadowed what would have otherwise been our top Oshifound story when their successor unit, BiSH, held their own reunion last weekend. BiSH also announced that they will be releasing an analog album.

The venerable JyuJyu will debut their new system before the month runs out.

Mani Mamiya (ex. Yanakoto Sotto Mute) made an appearance at the debut of the the mysterious new DEMON TAPES unit.

DEMO, who disbanded in May, released on last album.


Have a Good Weekend!!

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