Your Homicidol Weekender #1

I’m trying out something new here, team, to see if you all like it in general and if the concept holds up. You’re probably familiar with link round-ups, yes? This is kind of like that, but different, because goodness knows I can’t do anything right/normally.

Thanks to Everybody Who Joined the #NewIdolArmy!

We’ll need to do a postmortem of sorts to see just how blazing an impact we made, but that was really good. Like, really good. There’s a lot of love for BiS out there!

The Stories We Didn’t Talk About

Did you see Babymetal’s message to Metallica-senpai? (It was not, “notice me!”)

In a funny turn of events, BiS is on the undercard of this WACK family concert, billed below the group created to take their place and who many, many people poo-poohed as going to be a tragishamockery of the original. History is funny. Of course, GANG PARADE is #3.

How many KOTO fans are in the house? A-to-J’s Hello Idol blog ran this interview with the young lady. Technically, it was two weeks ago, but come on. KOTO.

Your friend and mine Amina du Jean had herself an interview with NSK. You’ll learn more about idol life in a few minutes with Aminyan than you will in years of being around wota (probably, I don’t know).

While it would be more appropriate to just create a Rinahamu tribute site to cover any one of the like 12 different projects she has going on at once, the two items of most immediate interest are BPM15Q’s album release (TY Kimi.Kame!), addition of two members and focus on a more idol-y style; this might be mind-blowing, given what she does, but it was Pour Lui’s disdain for idol mores that chased Rina from BiS in the first place and kick-started a whole gigantic mess of drama. (Literally. She was the first domino that got us to where we are today.) The other Rinahamu thing is DOPING BERRY’S video release:

Next week is a big holiday one for people in the ol’ USA, so I’m praying to that terrible fart monster thing in the & Crazy video that very little of interest happens between Wednesday and Saturday.

In the meantime, there’s a whole weekend ahead of us. Try to have as much fun as these two.

“Unsung” was the first real-deal song I learned to play on bass

8 thoughts on “Your Homicidol Weekender #1

  1. Thanks for the roundup, it’s super interesting! I really need to watch DOPING BERRY’s video.

    I was curious to see everyone that was under Wack (all post-BiS except Maison Book Girl is what I learned), but their website hasn’t been updated since 2014?
    Is that… Normal?

    • Friend, not only is it normal, it’s terribly, awfully, shamefully so. I used to think it was only the quarter-assed groups (look at 30POSSE’s site sometime; it took them months to properly orient one of the members’ photos, and I still don’t think the roster’s accurate) that did it, but even a lot of well-known names can’t keep their media operation up to a relatively modern standard. And then there’s the designs — so many, so garish! It really speaks to the general level of amateurism in idol, even in some of the good stuff; you have nice songs and talented people involved, but the ins and outs of marketing get a little lost because of the built-in functions of revenue-via-buppan and things like that.

      Or so says the guy who likes to tout his digital media chops but has kind of crappy CSS and would still have one of the Internet’s least attractive sites if not for a friend chipping in some banner design. I’M NOT A DESIGNER OKAY!

  2. #NewIdolArmy postmortem: I made two posts and I got likes from all the members of BiS! Except Ubu. Being everyone’s oshimen must have gone to her head. I think we definitely got noticed, and the hashtag will live on like you said. I’d like to see everyone representing their far-flung locales any time there’s a new album (or MV, or single?). Imagine if it got to the point where your faves came to expect tweets from all over the globe on the eve of a new release.
    Next time there’s a cool video or a release I’m able to buy in Canada, I’ll snap a picture of a good Canadian beer next to my screen or something 😛 And if it’s not available in your country, tweet a screenshot of that too! Tweet it at their management!
    As for engagement, I knew going in that none of the WACK artists seem to (ever?) reply to fan tweets, though they’re diligent with the likes. And I don’t know about the @bisidol account.
    So the takeaways are: rep yo city, & bother Watanabe whenever possible.
    Now I can’t wait for the next Passcode MV… It’s me! Your Overseas fan!

    • Aya, Kika and Gozeela seem to give likes to each and every mention. I didn’t get any likes from Pour Lui though. I like to think that this is because I was going for the deliberately cute angle (I did the toddler and the bunny) and Lui don’t take that sort of shit.

  3. I’m incredibly pleased with how the #NewIdolArmy campaign went! I had fairly modest expectations, so it made me weep with joy to see it so widely embraced, and not just in North America, but in pockets around the globe. That really made my day and I can’t say thank you enough, both to the Maniac for being the locomotive force in getting the word out, and the great people who participated. All that really matters is that we managed to put our love on the radar, and I think we pulled it off! The takeaway here is that we should do this again, and that anyone out there can also organize the same thing for a group they love. Truly a “Dedicated Public Display of Idol Love”.

    BTW: Saw Helmet play a show with the Jesus Lizard back on the “Meantime” tour. There was a hand written sign saying “Venue and Artists Are Not Responsible For Any Injuries.” Two songs into Jesus Lizard’s set, a guy I know literally broke his leg in the pit. O_o


      I like this story. I feel badly for that guy, but I like this story.

      Brian, you had a great idea, great angle and great concept, and it was a lot of fun to be part of it. Next up: PassCode, like as soon as humanly possible.

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