Disclaimer: I love the crap out of BiSH. They aren’t as raw and out to destroy the world as their predecessors were, but they are musically sophisticated and very, very good at what they do. So.

On to the review! Continue reading

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Releases First Album, Lacks the Decency to Give Us a Video with It

I don’t want to crap too much on one of my favorite discoveries of 2015, and I’m sure that the rest of the music on this thing is at least pretty good, but WHY OH WHY am I only seeing excitement about your CD being in stores, Kiminosei, and not a video on par with your standards, too? Continue reading

Hey, Who Wants to Listen to PassCode B-sides?

Like once a week, I worry that I’ll run out of things to post about. I had that feeling this morning. As usual, that was stupid.

While doing a YouTube check to make sure that I wasn’t missing something with Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, I had one of those awesome stumble-upon moments and found myself staring one very ambitious YouTuber’s work in the face. Vgotho, aka the source for like all of the Fruitpochette I otherwise probably never would have found, relatively recently added some B-sides of PassCode’s. Let’s listen and be hugely critical! Continue reading

Babymetal Adds U.S. Dates

We already knew about the East Coast leg of Babymetal’s U.S. / world tour, but now we have some dates for the West Coast and an additional East Coast city: Continue reading

Man, PassCode Has the Best Merch

No offense to the many other idol groups whose shirts I’d wear without a care (while combing my hair and getting some air and why won’t you share? because he’s a bear?), but PassCode‘s most recent stuff is just so scarily on point. It makes me think of Fear Factory and NIN and neuromancer-level cyber terror.

Now juxtapose that badass look with Nao’s recent modeling: Continue reading

Details about Personal Obsession’s Upcoming Album

I actually have to stop myself from listening to ayumikurikamaki because there’s a good chance that I’ll just put it all on repeat and sink into a bear-themed alternate reality from which I’d never escape. Continue reading

I Indulge Myself: Negicco+Especia=Negipecia

While looking briefly through some YouTube stuff this morning, I was reminded that two of my favorite “regular” idol groups, Negicco and Especia, once did a collaboration, and that collaboration is very nice. Because you should like good music regardless of what that music is, I’m sharing it because it’s my damn site and you aren’t obligated to do anything so stop complaining. Continue reading

Gudro’s Saki Confirms: She’s the Same Saki as in 2&

In a secret so poorly kept, so not-secret, so in fact out-in-the-open-why-would-you-ever-think-anything-else that its reveal approaches Dadaist levels of absurdity, Guso Drop‘s Saki came out on Twitter as the Saki from 2&. Continue reading

New MV from Bellring Girls Heart: Let’s Make a List of Everything Wonderfully Weird about It

Got it? Now let’s break that down. Continue reading

Necronomidol: Album Details? Album Details.

We’ve seen the art for Necroma‘s upcoming first full album, but a track list has been merely speculative … UNTIL NOW! DUH-DUH-DUUUNNNN!

We knew that they were re-recording stuff from their first couple of singles (I’m dying for that “Vulture” remake, personally), so the heavy presence of so much previously released material isn’t surprising. Do I wish that there were more new songs? Of course. Do I think that this looks and probably sounds a lot like an official kick-off, and that Necroma and Ricky feel very solid about their footing and are ready to step forward with the current group? Also yes.

Looking forward to this hitting iTunes in a few weeks! And a new video would be nice, Ricky <cough!>.