100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 11: Arrival

The Idols Who Will Heretofore Be Known as Not Secured, Loose Ends until They Return to Japan have arrived in Canada! Other idols who’ve done these kinds of field trips usually flood Twitter with photos from airports and planes and restaurants and whatnot, but Tsurezure’s more constrained. So far.

Tsuyame seems to be having a good time:

While the team had touched down and hoteled up (in the wee hours, no less), Komachi immediately went back to old tricks:

Or she’s a vampire, which is possible.

Cococo, on the other hand, looks like she’ll be the go-to commentariat for the adventure:

May the gods help you, Canada.

4 thoughts on “100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 11: Arrival

  1. It always astounds me, that, for what are mostly skinny young women, idols seem to have huge appetites, and delight in posting pictures of what they’re having for dinner, breakfast, snacks etc . None of your “look at me I only eat celery” instagram bollocks that Western pop stars indulge in.

    • I think those 16 hour Japanese work days burn a lot of calories, especially when much of it is dance practice.

  2. Here’s hoping they find time to goof around with their NMFT tourmates. You wouldn’t know from MBG’s photos last year that they were even on the same tour. What’s the point of following idols on social media if you don’t get treated to a bunch of selfies with every other artist they meet?!

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