DAIDAIDAI Defies Their Own Name with This Sweet Live Video

Man, I think DEMON TAPES must have heard me saying nice things about the ex PSYBOU KANOJO, because I felt like I’d been waiting almost forever for the best-named idols in the business to give us something fresh.

I think this lyric video for “SOTTO MO ZUTTO JI” qualifies.

This is what I referred to earlier on the Banmon! post; when I saw that DAIDAIDAI share this out yesterday, I was like OH GREAT THURSDAY HURTSDAY WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF! but this is definitely not what I was expecting to get; I mean, neo-traditional can be bad as hell, regardless of what it’s being mixed with, but I wanted a full-on stomp to the face.

Still, I’m a big personal supporter of DEMON TAPES in the first place and DAIDAIDAI, so I’m taking it and eagerly awaiting a release that I can hold in my hands and caress, because what comes out of DEMON TAPES tends to be very blessed good.