Again, It’s Friday, So Look! New STARMARIE Video!

Here we go again! I swear to you, it’s purely coincidence that STARMARIE, who are good and you should be listening to them why aren’t you listening to them BY GOD WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO LISTEN TO THEM, tend to wind up on Friday. Sometimes it’s when they’re uploading, sometimes it’s when there’s a good free spot for them, sometimes it’s … I don’t care.

Listen to this song, would you?

Absolutely delicious. This is another one from the SPELL OF THE BOOK show IIRC, all to continuously promote their FANTASY CIRCUS thing that the machine translation spells out as part of a tripartite cycle of activity and THIS IS SO COOL WHY DON’T YOU LOVE IT. Do gothic idols doing songs about the esoteric and the occult not excite you? Humbug.

Happy Friday! This is just part of the great fun ahead of us today and over the weekend. Toronto people know what I’m talking about!