This Is a Wagamama Rakia Live Celebration Post

I was all set to just up and walk off for the weekend, you guys. That’s a confession — when there ain’t much idol to idol about, you just leave the idol be. But remember back in the early days, when like every little thing that happened made for a good posting opportunity? I was so naive! Also so eager! Also less busy!

In those days, one of the best and most frequent posts to blog were live clips. After all, the point was to highlight idols in their natural environment and give folks, hopefully lots of newbies, a chance to experience something different. I got away from that after a while, reasons abounding, but I’ve been thinking about the old mission statement of Homicidols Dot Com and how I’ve experienced what the cool kids call “mission creep,: over the past year in particular. And I want to get back to my roots.

That being said, this started off as an addendum to the Weekender before I wised up and decided that the better thing to do was to just blog this post and say some words and give one of this year’s more noticeable movers another highlight. So take it away, Wagamama Rakia!

I’m not that familiar with this Idol Alley thing, but it looks really nice. Exactly the type of event that idols should idol right now! Outside, folks in front of a big ol’ stage, cruise ship in the background … That’s some good stuff. Now give ’em a band and a longer spot on the bill!